About Us

We are passionate about the use of science and AI to push the boundaries of medical understanding and diagnostics.  We aim to become a trusted provider of responsible and clinically validated AI tools to improve healthcare worldwide for early diagnosis, better disease treatment, and equal access to the best medical advice.

OIA Centres

Headquartered in the UK, our AI research group is located in Abu Dhabi; our biochemical lab in Atlanta, U.S.; and our software development teams are working from India and Bangladesh. We are united in our dedication to developing a value-based approach to medicine that differs from the current paradigm.


The team exploits its research experience carried out at top-ranked institutions at the forefront of AI and medicine, including Oxford, Cambridge, and Karolinska. OIA’s founders have published more than 200 papers in all the top-ranked journals in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, computational medicine, and systems immunology.

Integrative Teams

Our cross-disciplinary team consists of AI experts, medical leaders, and pioneers in IoT and optical engineering working at the forefront of science and technology. With our multidisciplinary approach, we are able to tackle some of the most pressing human health challenges, such as infection, cancer, antibiotic resistance, and tropical diseases from a technological and commercial-viability point of view.

Our Team

OIA understands that global thinking is necessary for global solutions. We proudly embrace diversity, inclusion, and equality, which are among our core values. More than 50% of our staff are not members of the local majority group and there is a roughly 3:1 ratio of men to women in our UK offices. In our UAE AI research facility, there is currently a roughly 1:1 ratio of men to women. Everyone in our ranks is highly qualified, a fact we are tremendously proud of. 50% hold a Ph.Ds in science and about 70% have Master’s degrees in medicine, engineering, or business. Our staff’s unique perspectives enhance our operations, integrate our processes, enrich our community, and drive our solutions.

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