Oxford Immune Algorithmics Is Chosen As One Of The 50 Most Promising Game-changers In The Thames Valley In The Uk

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Oxford Immune Algorithmics (OIA) has been chosen one of 50 game-changers in the Thames Valley (UK’s Silicon Valley) for the creation of Algocyte and our responsible AI approaches awarded by ConnectTVT supported by Deloitte UK, Reading University’s Henley Business School, BDB Pitmas and Austin Fraser.

The Thames Valley has the greatest concentration of IT companies in the UK covering the region to the West of London from Swindon to Slough including Oxford and Reading. Other companies with headquarters in Reading and the area include Microsoft, Oracle, Nvidia, DEC, HP, Vodafone, NaturalMotion, Nanopore, among many others.

OIA has been chosen for ‘pushing the boundaries with innovation’ for its Algocyte platform and solution, the accredited (CE as a medical device), most portable, and sophisticated remote blood testing solution for health monitoring available.

Representing OIA were Kim, Jürgen (CTO and co-founder) and Santiago.

Our Press Release is available here:

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