OIA, Algocyte & Covid-19

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Oxford Immune Algorithmics (OIA), like almost every other company and organisation around the world is putting in place contingency plans to downsize operations and send people home to work remotely while trying to be the least disruptive in the development and evolution of our products and goals.

We believe that the current situation is a challenge but also an opportunity. We believe that the current crisis will help humanity better rank priorities, realise that these events can happen and may become the norm if this new family of virus becomes seasonal with different degrees of disruption. We can acknowledge how unprepared was the world to face this challenge and how important would have been to have the means to monitor people’s health remotely. Indeed, during a crisis like this one patients are asked to avoid coming to hospitals and surgeries even if they are seriously ill yet unable to get care because of risk of infection. This doesn’t have to happen with Algocyte®.

OIA has been working on Algocyte® for almost 2 years and has now a full end-to-end CE Marked (under the CE Medical Device directive) app for remote blood testing and health monitoring that can help with these situations and may even save lives by enabling medical doctors to provide coverage without risk of infection for the health professional or the patient.

We are certain that OIA and Algocyte® will become thus even more relevant because we had our priorities right and we knew this was something the world requires to better handle medical emergencies and, in general, regular patient monitoring.

If our vision resonates with your and you believe that we can make a difference as a health or medical professional to your organisation or practice please contact us at changetheworld@immunealgorithmics.com

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