Oxford Immune Algorithmics, Representing the UK as One of its Most Innovative Companies, Successfully Concludes Multiple Events in Dubai

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Oxford Immune Algorithmics (OIA), the award-winning A.I. company that specialises in rapid at-home testing for immune health monitoring, and creators of Algocyte the AI-driven solution that thinks like a scientist, marked a week of significant achievement in Dubai. The U.K.-based start-up participated in several international events in January and publicly demonstrated its end-to-end solution for the first time. 
The string of events began at Arab Health Week, January 24 -27, the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region’s largest and most well attended healthcare event. Oxford Immune Algorithmics was featured in the Medlink-U.K. Pavilion showcasing the country’s most forward-thinking healthcare solutions. The global sales team met with key clients, partners, and investors who viewed and interacted with our technology. The week concluded with OIA garnering new customers, MOUs, and massive interest in its cutting-edge AI-driven solution. More than 80,000 attendees interacted with health tech companies and industry thought-leaders at the event. This year’s focus was on sustainability, transformation, and innovation in global healthcare.
Oxford Immune Algorithmics was also at Expo2020, on Jan. 29th and 30th, as part of the U.K. Pavilion’s ‘How Will We Thrive? Healthcare Breakout Moment. OIA’s Algocyte solution was selected as “one of Britain’s top nine innovations” in the Health and Life Science segment, with the company being cited for its “most engaging, innovative and interesting healthcare solutions”. Being showcased alongside some of the U.K.’s healthcare giants and having an opportunity to present its vision of how it plans to transform global healthcare was a proud achievement for a start-up.The Expo2020 international event runs from October 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022, in Dubai, with 191 countries participating. Millions have already attended the event, with many more expected. 
The U.K. start-up also held key investor and internal meetings on the grounds of the Expo2020 site at the Dubai Exhibition Centre to discuss the company’s global expansion plans. When the investors left the room following the end-to-end demonstration, all had invested in the AI-driven immune health monitoring solution, with one investor having decided to strengthen their position with a follow-up investment in Oxford Immune Algorithmics. For a U.K. start-up that began in 2018 with an ambitious idea, it was a spectacular way to cap a momentous week. OIA has proven that it can deliver on its promise of more precise and individualised healthcare. 
Oxford Immune Algorithmics (OIA) is an award-winning Bio and MedTech company incubated by the University of Oxford with a mission to rid the world of preventable diseases. It operates multi-nationally to build technology that moves healthcare away from its reliance on population-wide symptom pattern matching toward value-based precision medicine and personalised diagnostics.

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