OIA Is a Gold Sponsor of Automata 2020

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Oxford Immune Algorithmics is sponsoring the 26th International Workshop on Cellular Automata and Discrete Complex Systems AUTOMATA 2020The conference aims to:

  • Establish and maintain a permanent, international, multidisciplinary forum for the collaboration of researchers in the field of Cellular Automata (CA) and Discrete Complex Systems (DCS).
  • Provide a platform for presenting and discussing new ideas and results.
  • Support the development of theory and applications of CA and DCS (e.g. parallel computing, physics, biology, social sciences, and others) as far as fundamental aspects and their relations are concerned.
  • Identify and study within an inter- and multidisciplinary context, the important fundamental aspects, concepts, notions and problems concerning CA and DCS.

AUTOMATA 2020 will focus on the theory and applications that many of OIA’s own proprietary methods are based upon, on the deep connections of discrete dynamical systems complexity theory and algorithmic information. There will be special sessions and tutorials led by OIA’s members on Automata in Machine Learning and on Algorithmic Information Dynamics, with a particular emphasis on aspects of computability in causation, AI and reprogrammability. This again shows again OIA’s commitment to bridging industry and academia.

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