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Oxford Immune Algorithmics (OIA) is an award-winning AI company specialising in immune monitoring incubated by the University of Oxford. We apply innovative AI to provide precise and individualised healthcare to everyone and rid the world of preventable diseases.

Our Mission

OIA’s mission is to apply artificial intelligence to mimic and enhance human medical reasoning so as to optimally monitor an individual user’s immune system. The cloud-based dashboard and medical device assists practitioners in the analysis of many diseases and conditions, reducing the costs of testing.

A Multi Award-Winning AI Company for Immune Monitoring

Algocyte, our first product, is a cutting-edge technology created by top healthcare professionals

Oxford Immune Algorithmics is a Medical and Biotech Company that provides patients and health practitioners with leading biotech products built using intuitive artificial intelligence, much like human intelligence, that is traceable and explainable. Our products are based on years of research carried out at Oxford, Cambridge, Karolinska and other top universities. We aim to deliver precise, predictive, and personalised value-based healthcare to users. OIA’s products are built on three pillars:


Algocyte is an AI precision diagnostics platform with innovative risk assessment scores.

Physicians are alerted when patient scores deviate from personal reference values. Algocyte’s risk assessment scores were tested against thousands of actual cases, demonstrating its effectiveness in differentiating between data from healthy and unhealthy groups. Algocyte®’s algorithms triage patients according to their most urgent needs, and diseases can be detected early, potentially saving lives.

Prediction & Prevention

Clinicians can analyse patients’ blood results relative to their personalised norms.

Algocyte’s state-of-the-art predictive algorithms produce forecasts for individual patient markers based on trends and disease models matched to clinically guided repositories. Clinicians can make direct comparisons across different treatment courses without the burdensome manual work required by other systems.


The Algocyte® platform learns from each patient based on their default or medical profile.

The Algocyte® platform will flag any trend or rapid change for early detection and treatment of disease. It enables clinicians and patients to input medically significant events and data associated with their blood results, including medications and adverse events. Algocyte transforms the current care model to a timely value-based longevity approach for personalised health care.

Interested to find out exactly how Algocyte works?

In this downloadable PDF, we share the in-depth science behind our breakthrough product. Delve into the specifics of our leading immune system monitoring platform.

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